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The Acumen Breakfast at The Delaunay on January 17th starting at 8 am

LDI Pension Discussion

We grapple with what has gone wrong in the pensions industry during the Gilt crisis in September 2022. The market movements revealed substantial systemic leverage within  Liability Driven Investment (LDI) strategies, that caused widespread surprise and even shock as pensions took substantial losses.

We delve into what happened, how this situation originated, and most importantly the commercial ideas and justifications for it. Who exactly is to blame is unclear, and that combined with the losses, makes this area a potential litigation hotspot.

The mechanics are of course complex, and there are lots of different participants and stakeholders who are now blaming each other.


These complex strategies aim to reduced funding volatility but to do so funds take on leverage via derivatives. With losses now arising, it may be time to look at the sector more closely. 

Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 10.50.11.png


The event aims to educate participants about the use of derivatives in the pensions sector, to support networking and cooperation between firms, all over breakfast at The Delaunay. 

8.00am Coffee and networking

8.30am Sit down for breakfast and presentation

9.10 Onwards group discussion over tea & coffee

We return the room at 10.30am, but we understand participants may need to get to the office before that. 

The event

A cosy group of nine litigators will engage with this interesting topic over breakfast at The Delaunay. We aim to have a mix of firms and chambers, as part of the purpose of this is to aid with networking between interested stake-holders.

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