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Welcome to Musings, Acumen's public blog

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Welcome to Musings, Acumen Expert Witness, public blog, where we grapple with the fascinating and extraordinary times we are living through in the world of economics, finance and technology.

Unlike the private Insights blog, the Musings blog is available to all, and we hope you enjoy it’s pithy commentary on contemporary issues.

We live in times of immense change and uncertainty, with new technologies disrupting commerce; upheavals in banking, finance and economics and of course the resultant ramifications on politics and international trade.

If you are engaged in disputes across the commercial universe, then it is likely that these events will cross your professional paths directly or indirectly in the near future, and in any case the events in this space affect us all on a personal level, and so may be of interest.

Should you enjoy the content consider signing up to the Insights blog. It is content that is just for solicitors and barristers and free of charge for that audience (you simply need to sign up with your work email and you will be approved within 24 hours). We cover a myriad of topics and over time will also include content from the popular technical lectures (see testimonials) we used to hold (in the pre-Covid era) at The Delaunay in London.

Should there be content you are interested in, but is not covered, do feel free to drop us a note and we will certainly explore how it fits into our publishing parameters.

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