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Creditor & Business Strategy

The world is changing fast. Over the next decade three major trends will disrupt businesses: automation, inflation and geopolitics. 

We believe insolvencies, job losses and debt write downs are not an inevitability.

We believe that a solutions led, collaborative, and pre-emptive approach can maximise value for both businesses and creditors.


We have developed a proprietary model to optimise outcomes for creditors and businesses.

Our goal over the next decade is to prevent mass bankruptcies, minimise job losses and salvage value for businesses and creditors in the UK economy.


To achieve this outcome, we will utilise the unique model we have applied in the world of high-end litigation since 2009 to deliver top tier consulting services from the best professionals in their space.


To support us in this ambitious mission, please contact us. We seek engagement with creditors and businesses.

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