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A New Chapter: This Blog has moved to Substack

To go straight there here is the link:

To read more about why - see below ....

With a view towards enhancing your reading experience, we are pleased to announce the migration of our blog from our company website to the dedicated blog platform of Substack.

Substack's intuitively designed interface promises a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing reading experience. Gone are the days of intrusive advertisements and disorienting navigation menus.

Instead, Substack presents our content with uncluttered elegance, allowing you to engage with our articles with focused and undistracted attention.

The platform's interactive features facilitate real-time discussions, enabling you to share your insights, pose thoughtful inquiries, and engage in a spirited exchange of ideas with both us and your fellow readers.

Envision it as a virtual forum where we can convene and delve deeper into the topics that pique our collective interest.

Yet, the benefits of this migration extend far beyond aesthetics and engagement. As outlined in Substack's comprehensive FAQ, several key advantages truly elevate our content:

Reader Control: We chose Substack as it was a leading platform that connected blogs with readers. Readers could control their subscriptions, and the number of emails, if any, they wished to receive.

Direct-to-Inbox Delivery: If you wish, receive instantaneous notifications of new posts delivered directly to your email inbox. No longer will you need to diligently scour our website or rely upon fleeting social media announcements.

Community Cultivation: Substack fosters the creation of a loyal subscriber base, nurturing a sense of shared purpose and belonging. You will become an integral part of a community united by a passion for our content, enriching the overall experience for all.

Monetization Potential: While our primary mission remains the provision of valuable and insightful content, Substack offers the possibility of future monetization options. This could empower us to invest in even more in-depth research, exclusive content, and exciting new projects, ultimately benefiting you, our esteemed reader.

Feel free to engage in the comment section (when enabled), pose your questions, and join the ongoing conversation. We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter alongside you, and we eagerly anticipate connecting with you on a deeper level than ever before.

Embark on this journey with us on Substack: We await your esteemed presence.

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